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I Signed Up For Yoga Teacher Training – Part I of the YTT Series

I Signed Up For Yoga Teacher Training – Part I of the YTT Series

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Yes, I did it. I finally signed up for a 200hr yoga teacher training. This idea has been growing in my mind for over a year. Who am I kidding, the thought was there right after I took my first yoga class.


What was keeping me from it?

Long story short: I was scared. I was scared of making the commitment. It meant that I would get serious about yoga – both my practice and the prospects of pursuing it as my career. I was scared that I wasn’t good enough.

All of these are things to take into consideration before signing up for a yoga teacher training. The financial aspect is not easily brushed aside, and neither is the time commitment.

I personally believe that there is such a time as too early for a teacher training – purely because I want to gain as much from the experience as I possibly can. For me, this was not flexibility levels or mastering super advanced poses, but I do believe a basic understanding of yoga and commandment of my body will benefit me in my learning experience. This definitely would not have been the case had I taken yoga teacher training right after my first ever yoga class.

Ultimately, I found that most of these fears were unreasonable.


Yoga teacher training – why now?

My heart yearns for it. It really wasn’t a question anymore of whether I was going to do a teacher training, but when.

I long to deepen my practice, I long to take my first step in this direction, and I long to take this time for myself, spiritually.

Yoga teacher training is going to be a challenge, but I feel honoured to take it on.

There is no point in pushing it further backwards. The time is fitting, my practice is at a point where I feel confident to be able to deal with the strenuous physical activity, and I have the finances for it.

I don’t want to keep pushing back this dream of mine due to fear. In fact, I am no longer fearful. I am buzzing with excitement, I am craving the challenge of taking in all the teachings this 200hr course has to offer – mentally, spiritually, and physically.


Looking into the future

I am not sure yet where this journey will take me. For now, I want to provide others with the resources that I searched for in vain.

I’m of the internet generation, and I like to be prepared. So I go on an extensive research frenzy before I do anything.

However, what I found with regards to yoga teacher trainings was quite scarce. While there were many great purely informational pieces online, there were only few personal testaments that interested me so much (albeit, those I did find were wonderful!). I wanted to read of other people’s stories and take part in their journeys; and be inspired for my own. There were – and still are – so many questions on my mind that I searched for answers for.

This is why this post marks the first post of my Yoga Teacher Training series. I will be covering my journey with the hopes that my experiences may be of use to anyone looking to take the plunge into their own yoga teacher training. Maybe my mistakes will prevent mistakes you would have otherwise made, or maybe I can answer some of the burning questions on your mind.

In the upcoming posts I will share with you how I chose my yoga teacher training and why; how I am preparing for the journey and, of course, the experiences I make during the actual training period.

I am so excited to be embarking on this journey. I hope I can share some of this excitement with you all.


Don’t forget to check out Part II of the YTT Series: a guide to choosing your yoga teacher training.


Much love




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