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Yoga Teacher Training Packing List – Part IV of the YTT Series

Yoga Teacher Training Packing List – Part IV of the YTT Series

I am leaving for yoga teacher training in 2 days. My bags are packed, and I am all ready to go. I have quite a bit of experience packing for long trips, but I’ve never been to a yoga teacher training before, so I spent a long time thinking about what to bring, and created a messy, long, detailed list. I am sharing the entirety of that list, in all its intimacy, on here for anyone to read who maybe needs some help for their yoga teacher training.

This list will look different depending on your circumstances. To give you some perspective, I will be spending two months in Bali, one on the yoga teacher training, and one travelling with my boyfriend. The temperatures never dip below 23 degree, but it can get wet.

I will be editing this list once I have returned, to add or remove items.

Disclaimer: If this seems entirely boring and irrelevant, just skip it – no harsh feelings. Not everyone is as pedantic about packing as I am – I sure as hell scoured the internet for yoga teacher training packing lists 😉



All the yoga things

7 pairs of leggings, so I don’t have to wash clothes all too often

1 pair of yoga shorts

6 yoga bras

Manduka eko lite mat – light enough to travel, but with sufficient cushioning and grip

Yoga mat bag

My favourite small blanket, bought in the Andes of Peru, which can double as a shavasana blanket and beach towel

I opted out of bringing my own blocks and straps because they are so bulky, and my yoga teacher training provides them.


Normal people clothes

3 pairs of shorts – 1 jeans, 2 soft ones

6 pairs of shirts

4 summer dresses

2 bralettes – I’ll be spending most of my days in yoga bras or bikinis anyway

8 pairs of my comfiest panties

1 bathing suit

2 and a half bikinis (lost one bikini bottom…)

1 pair of minimalist Xero sandals

1 pair of sneakers (for hiking and the airport)

4 pairs of socks (won’t be needing them much)

Rain jacket



Om mandala tote bag

Small backpack

One of my boyfriend’s t-shirts

Beautiful, big notebook for teacher training, journaling and my daily gratitude lists


Kindle (on my first backpacking trip I carried paperback books and it was a disaster. Books are my babies, and I like to keep them, but I couldn’t fit more than 10 books in my backpack and it was also way too heavy. Kindles are a lifesaver for traveling!)


Disposable camera

Disposable underwater camera

Medicine kit

Microfleece towel




Toothpaste & brush

Bug spray

Sun screen

Face wash & cream

Razor and spare blades
Lush shampoo bar

Mascara for when I want to be fancy

Concealer and compact powder

Baby powder

Moon cup – better for me and the environment


For some, this might seem excessive, for others, it might seem too little. For me, it seems oddly perfect.

Make sure you check out the updated version upon my return and give the previous parts a read!


Much love,






2 thoughts on “Yoga Teacher Training Packing List – Part IV of the YTT Series”

  • Leaving for my TTC in India next week and finding your list super helpful. I usually tend to (massively) overpack! Let’s be honest, I will buy lots of colorful shirts and harem pants in India that I will never wear back home in Germany 😀

    • Haha oh that’s so nice! Thanks so much for reading, I’m glad it helped!
      And yes, that’ll most probably happen – all part of the fun, huh? 😉 All the best at your teacher training – enjoy! <3

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